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Tom Ford. the straightest gay man in the world.

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Before the arrival of algorithms on social networks, markers that decide what is sold and what is not, advertising campaigns were a true creative process. Tom Ford pushed the limits uncensored, and despite the provocation, the fashion industry finally recognized his ingenuity. In 2008, a provocative ad showing a woman’s lips biting a man’s finger wearing sunglasses was banned in Italy for being too vulgar.

He understood more than anyone that sex sells. She played the role of a sexual provocateur, although in her words, “I actually hate being in the spotlight, but no one ever believes me.” Campaigns featuring Sophie Dahl with her legs spread for YSL Opium, full frontal nudity by Samuel de Cubber for YSL M7 or the Gucci brand decorating a mount of Venus earned him the label of ‘The King of Sex’ and divided his critics into two camps: those who were horrified, and those who applauded his audacity.

sexy ad campaign

Getting attention was what worked. Fashion in the early 90s was very depressing. With Gucci as creative director, he became a trendsetter that other brands looked up to. He took the nearly bankrupt company public in 1999 for more than $4 million.

In 2004, the Kering group acquired the majority stake in Gucci. His position changes and he goes public with his discontent, unable to resolve his differences with the new owners, he leaves the house and founds his own Tom Ford company. Since then Tom Ford has continued to conquer the world of fashion, specializing in menswear, cosmetics, fragrances, accessories and of course sunglasses.

It is not difficult to buy a Sunglasses that does its job, but it is evident that for Tom Ford it is not only about protecting your eyes from the Sun. You are sending a message to the world and if you do it, do it well.

Tom Ford’s sunglasses are inspired by the elegant style of the 50s, the harmony and magnitude of the 70s, two very different eras that under his leadership have merged into a retro style, bold and futuristic appeal. It is not a salad of an old idea, by itself it is a hallmark of this century that we love today.

Tom Ford personality

From Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Aniston, a long list of Hollywood celebrities, Jonny Depp, Ryan Goslin or Tom Hanks, have chosen these sunglasses for their strong personality.

For those who swear by fashion charisma, any discussion of the subject is incomplete without the mention of Tom Ford.

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