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The Sunglasses of the Gold Medals: Vuarnet

Jean Vuarnet Perilsole

Thus, in the winter of 1959-60, as the Olympic Games approached in Squaw Valley, Jean Vuarnet inherited skis that were too soft: “A catastrophe! He then rushed to the Rossignol factory in Voiron, where she searched and ended up finding among the scrap material a pair of skis that he felt were tailor-made for her. And the most surprising thing is that: they were metallic!

He would fly to the States with the old skis that would go down in history, the “Rossignol Allais 60”. Made of metal. On D-Day, at the starting gate, the 27-year-old Morzine boy felt really ready in his downhill specialty: Olympic Champion and Gold Medal !, a great victory that made Jean Vuarnet a legend. Upon his triumphant return, a proposal awaited him that would magnify the myth.

In 1957, Roger Pouilloux, an optician who loves the mountains, creates SKILYNX glass, whose incredible luminosity allows skiers a perception of contrasts never seen before for mountain practice. Three years later, after the victory of Jean Vuarnet, the French Olympic team was equipped with the “002” model. The sponsorship of that moment opens each session, with the brilliant new champion and his sunglasses in beautiful California.

From that moment on the Vuarnet 0002 quickly became an icon. Alain Delon, Mick Jagger, or the Kennedy family hide their eyes behind them to further fuel their myth. In 1980 Vuarnet was inspired by the 1930s to create the Graciar model in stainless steel and leather side protectors to convey timeless glamor. Sponsor of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the 1995 America’s Cup and Sky schools around the world

Vuarnet quality is well known. Made in France 100%, the brand has its own factory in Meaux, near Paris on the aptly named Rue des Brothers Lumiere. Vuarnet exclusively manufactures minerals and mass-tinted glass (video), which few manufacturers make today. A week of work is required to make each crystal. They are perhaps the most exceptional lenses in terms of protection and high performance demands. Its UV and Infrared protection is exceptional. Bi-degrade treatment is one of the Vuarnet brands and provides excellent comfort. The Vuarnet characteristic ‘V’ that simulates the skis, engraved on each lens, is the guarantee of authenticity and prevents imitations.

Jean Vuarnet, an exceptional athlete, a visionary champion, an example of passion and determination to achieve dreams.

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