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Jackie and her Big Sunglasses

According to the book ‘ The Myth’,  Jackie started wearing sunglasses because of Gore Vidal who told her that “they are not only useful for hiding under but also for studying people without their realizing it.”

Fashion exploded in the 1960s with all kinds of clothing. Strange and wonderful accessories came on the scene and oversized sunglasses became all the rage. Trend makers like First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy made her great popular sunglasses. The thick frames, bright colors and unusual designs took off. Bridgit Bardot was often seen wearing large square sunglasses with a white frame. Jackie Kennedy certainly had style, a strong sense of fashion, with a preference for clean, tidy lines and simplicity. But it had an indescribable personal quality, a “je ne sais quoi”, as the French would say, a quality that transcends and that keeps us obsessed with it even if even as we pass into another century. Her chiefdesigner was Oleg Cassini, and the mark she made continues to this day: fitted waist dresses, slightly flared skirt and sleeveless. And I tell you as a curiosity, that the designer was a boyfriend of Grace Kelly.

This was Jackie’s gaze from the White House years, when she posed with perfect posture like a princess, beaming with a happy smile. But then her husband was killed and Camelot no longer existed. Her life changed and with it, her wardrobe. She later married Onassis, became “Jackie O” and was photographed strolling the streets of Europe, wearing what often became her look during her Onassis years: pants with a simple T-shirt, accessories with a scarf to cover her head, a Gucci bag (which has since been named after her), and those iconic large sunglasses, which have already gone down in history with the same name. Jackie Ohh.

She knew every detail of her physiognomy perfectly. Virtue or defect, she had a peculiar feature, a particular separation of her eyes that gave her a sweet serenity on her face. She knew that the right choice that softened her expression was large sunglasses. Upon Onassis’ death, she moved to New York to become editor of Doubleday Editorial. When she was seen on the street, she kept her head down to avoid recognition, ducking her face before the press, hiding behind those ubiquitous eyes, and sometimes hiding her famous head under the scarf.

We can never have enough of Jackie Kennedy. No matter how much has been said or written about it, we will always want more stories, photos, memories and just a little gossip. The ups and downs of her life are of a nature that almost all of us will never experience, but many people believe that the world she left us is a better place because she was there.

Giuseppe Scaraffia writes in the preface to her book: “No one better than she could remember that life is a show in which no one should be allowed to guess your true thoughts

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