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Bonjour madame !! Chanel, Beauty triumphs over extravagance.

In 1883, eight days after Gabrielle Chanel was born in a hospice in Saumur, France, there was a violent eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia. The fact would not have been anything unusual, had it not been for the fact that scientists consider it the loudest sound in the history of mankind.

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Coco was also predestined to make a lot of noise. She was the daughter of an eight-child marriage between a peasant woman and an alcoholic street vendor. When the mother died at the age of 31, with Coco aged 12, the man sent the male to work as labourers and got rid of the women, sending them to an orphanage. From there she was set for the good and for the infamous. She revolutionized fashion with her comfortable and practical creations. He was also a Nazi agent in occupied France during World War II and became associated with Heinrich Himmler, the head of the dark SS.

She was not convicted for lack of evidence and Winston Churchill is said to have interceded for her. Her hatred of Jews also extended to homosexuals. Immensely wealthy, but without forging anything like a home, she died at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, where she resided for the last 30 years.

For almost 100 years, Coco Chanel has been synonymous with every garment that we consider elegant and with many other things that we do not pay attention to. Open your closet door wide and find the spirit of Chanel. If it has a collection of jackets to pair with a pair of jeans, to look better as if they were dressed for the occasion, rather than just parking the mower and brushing their nails once before heading out on the street. door, that’s Chanel.

Every black dress today is a direct descendant of Chanel’s silk short from 1926. A pencil skirt or with an A-line cut at the knees? Chanel. Knitted in any garment? Chanel again.
She gave us the real pockets, bell bottoms, two-piece suits, low-waisted, belted cardigans, evening shorts, sportswear, even riding pants, and the need to add accessories. in a frenzy at all times. All the garments with simple lines, that brush  the body, with which it is easy to move and that can go with many jewels are Chanel.
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Chanel sunglasses today reflect the heritage of Karl Lagerfeld’s brush, the artistic baton that preserved the prestige and history of Coco’s achievements. The ever-busy Lagerfeld, since he became the artistic director of the house of Chanel in 1983, has established his own label and his designs have been scrutanized by his own sensibility while respecting much of the spirit of an age. Seeing Karl Lagerfeld without his dark glasses is like seeing the Statue of Liberty without her crown, or Carmen Miranda without her fruit hat.
Who does not remember Jackie Kennedy’s  pink Chanel suit jacket. Chanel’s aesthetic is like the force in Star Wars: it surrounds, penetrates and links the fashion universe, now and forever.

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